The Exhibit

Attempting to maintain a healthy distance between myself and my meaning- less career—I visited the zoo

I purchased a premium pass—Allowing me access to a temporary exhibit on view—The ticket agent opened the hole in her glass enclosure

She handed me a pamphlet describing an experiment—At a lab in Nebraska a group of zoologists genetically modified a fish—The fish travelled the world showcasing its extraordinary gifts—This fish has extraordinary gifts? I questioned the woman in the booth with disbelief—The thing lives on land and even prefers land to ocean—She responded—Barely looking up

Every day—She explained—guests wait in line for hours just to share a conversation with the fish—So long as you lasted fewer than five minutes you could sit at this sleek teakwood table talking to the fish—I approached the queue snaking out from a secluded corner of the zoo

I am Beth Anne—The fish proclaimed in a scripted sort of way before telling me about a premonition predicting my arrival—I was napping on the lawn of my favorite park in my least favorite city—She asserted when a vibrant yellow leaf came to rest directly upon me

This leaf was unusually heavy so its contact startled me awake

The leaf warned Beth Anne of a threat I posed to her sanity according to some divine provenance and instructed her to kill me—This is why I am no longer alive