from The Claire Bitch Project

Too bad in the sun the story is the same

               over here they try it again

                           That’s all alright
                                       perfectly the same
                                       old time
               twice on the wind
               the plane silently overhead

What are you doing? this swing is

prick the old fire

               This space all over is
                           Quiet for some reason

fast over there

Come back
               Don’t stop in the

At the same time i’m leaving

How to accommodate this
big as ever
                                       to fit you

and you are all the space
                                       There was never

Outside i’m waiting for help

Your hand over my mouth
                                       My head
Next press into me

I’m on the only road I’m some
                           I’m about to run out
                           into the dark
                                       I’m a dark top

And the talk is the problem
               Once around

The pressure suspends on
                           what freed it

the sound goes somewhere


               somewhere and it’s back

cover your hot head
               The sun
                           on the outside of your room
the sky in disarray
               The rock on the roof

you’re some
other Creature

                           distant sin

               Sane now the red spirit
               moves faster

                           Wind picks up
                           Face together the wind

               And i said on the other side
i’m red
               and i’m waiting for to grow

I’m a brick in the distant weather
you don’t want to change

               You don’t want to say you said that
               but it comes back

As you move you move so slow
you move So much more than me


at the end you start
               to move Forward
and he’s back in the white car

In the dirt on your road
               before we never had enough time
and now the spirit is moving to the other side

                           That’s a little rabbit on the road
                           That’s a little bit more that you expected

The morning on the other
               Fasting getting small
                           in your eye
Getting small before bigger
               things come out to get it

                           The other little special other
                           on the road to your home

               That i can feel you behind me
               the reason you check over your shoulder

                           and the light comes on
                                       you’re here

take this hand
               against my mouth
                           my face
               a little wider than expected
Than expect we come together too often
               not breaking
                           things out my window

My widow on the mend
               in the bend in the river
                           that’s an elbow
               On the shoulder
And my left eye can look back

I think you don't expect me
and i’m here

               On the other hand it’s getting later

The thing i stop having
to my pleasure

bad things
               on the other end
And bad little creature
               my head

I can’t hear you anymore
I can’t hear where you’re moving to

               But i feel the whole place shake again
                           under my feet the grass grows
                           even through dirt
                           Even in the white light and the landscape
                           is always the same

The static coming
                                       Louder Phone
                                                              and book
                           after book about time

               Water was toxic and dust
               was kicking up
               and the town left for another town

and we are here now
Making a little image of it