I am the horse that hallucinates time.


5:40 am. My alarm bell rings for the fifth time. I am


a child or am child-shaped. I am different from he


who ambled from the shell of an unnamed Pan Am flight


If I am anything I am a musical amalgamator, grateful too


am I for unnamed librarians, scholars, & webmasters


I reflect on how morose I actually am over a tub of ice cream


& a Tyler Perry movie. I may not be there yet, but am


closer than I was yesterday. I am so steamed


open. The main thing about Sunday is where am I going to eat just


the way I am. Look at me, hoodoouthinkur: Only a little over two


months then I am done with you. I am so pumped. Ice cream cones


& rainbow teardrops. People live in the streets. I am nothing


compared to them. I believe that life is a prize but to live I am in


love with automated spam bloggers, am devastatingly depressed by


my child riding the bus & sleeting hardcore. I am quite possibly the


happiest girl on this planet. I am done with driver’s ed now


I am in a quantum car. I don't know where I


am going, but I’m getting there really fast.


But why am I actually focusing on things that matter I used to


think glee was cheesy, & here i am watching it: I have a crush


on u but cant say who i am lol


Chapters 7 & 8 have been written. I've even edited 7 & am


just waiting on final touches. I lost 0 followers cause I am


awesome, who am I to say I am


what I am, I feel what I feel, please don't ask me to change


that? So if you’re asking me I am confused. I am


tomorrow asking harder questions. Know the names of your


bones. Is anyone as excited to see them as I am? I am not


a vegetarian because I love animals. I am a vegetarian because I


hate ham. Harm him. She's going to think I'm bitching out


at her. Well I kinda am but what else am I supposed to say?


Congratufuckinglations? But anyways I am currently in pain


I used to tiptoe on Hell's boundaries but I am now a strong comma


user. I am so excited & I am awake, but if someone I know for real


starts following me I get all uptight about what I am posting


why am I awake after dozing off before 10pm *sigh* let’s try this sleep


10pm *sigh* let's try this sleep thing again shall we I am the champion at


wordfeud. How & why am I drinking Goose Juice right now? One thing I


am looking forward to: gonna buy the cutest flip flops ever!! tho, Fuck


am I gonna do how am I supposed to know I’m only 15 lol! Guess who


am I?^^ I said, yes, true, I always


think I am 10 years younger than I am.