At 8 in the morning I'd rise Quelling my internal cries Get myself to the L A personal hell And brace myself for their lies

We need this by Tuesday, they'd say Tho the meeting'd be far far away I'd scramble to do it They'd start to review it Tho we all knew the ask was just cray

We lived under Parkinson's Law Our work and our time at a draw As the time was expanded More work was demanded But no one saw this as a flaw

Tho I can't say I would have hired me Inititally they had desired me But I grumped and I groaned And I mumped and I moaned Until one day I found they had fired me



So the corporate life isn't for me, Globally South I did flee, I say I'll do good, I feel like I should And sure, why not do it for free?

My NGO works with the poor Mostly to help them get more All employees like me Young, Western, carefree With regrets of not doing Peace Corps

In the mission the others subsume So in myself I try to exhume Some sense of purpose That isn't lip service But these feelings I just can't assume

This probably comes off as petty But I tire of hot dogs in spaghetti Same goes for rice And showers like ice And nightmares of rusty machetes

In six months I have done nada I'm ready to leave, inshallah And as for my fellow man, Whom to aid was my plan I abandon him to Guatemala

There's two modes of living, it seems And now I had tried out both teams If money won't thrill And mission fails to fulfill From what wellspring do I draw up dreams?



At my last job each day was the same None of my bosses to blame Between me and you There was no work to do So there I sat, playing a game

Post banking, this job was a lark The paycheck, a walk in the park But the hours slipped past Two years at the mast My time there made nary a mark

At jobs I can't help it, I shirk Only the suckers do work Two years I spend toodle-ing Idly doodle-ing And now in my head these thoughts lurk—

What if the drones have it right? To pull in the harness, to fight Sure, I can laze But at the end of our days What gives a person delight?

I know this one is the doozer Me, the freeloader, the user Cast myself as the winner For not earning my dinner But now I fear, I'm the loser.