J. Arthur Boyle lives in upstate New York and works for a sculptor who owes him money. Assorted work of his is (or will be) in Fence, Forever Mag, Le grand continent, Publishers Weekly, and decomP. He was outrageously well-behaved at Columbia University's MFA, which earned him several fellowships and a wife. And he would like someone to sell his novel (high risk / high reward).

Robert Crawford has writing in Boston Review, BOMB, Nat. Brut, and BAX 2020 and is a founding editor of Prelude.

Audrey Deng was born in Texas and now lives in New York. In school she studied comparative literature and creative writing. Please reach her @6iji4d3.

Darcie Dennigan is the author of five books, including Madame X (Canarium) and Slater Orchard: An etymology (FC2), and the recipient of an Anna Rabinowitz Award from the Poetry Society of America for “venturesome, interdisciplinary work.” She directs the Spatulate Church Emergency Shift, a shadowy poets theatre entity in Providence.

Claire Dougherty lives in Pasadena, CA now. The Claire Bitch Project is a chapbook forthcoming from Theaphora Editions. Other poems can be found in Fence and The Second Factory.

An excerpt from The Claire Bitch Project

, Three Poems, Two Poems

Farnoosh Fathi is the author of Great Guns (Canarium 2013) and Granny Cloud (forthcoming), editor of Joan Murray: Drafts, Fragments, and Poems (NYRB Poets, 2018) and founder of the Young Artists Language and Devotion Alliance (YALDA). She’s taught at The Poetry Project, Poets House, Columbia University, and Stanford Online High School. She lives in New York.

Giles Goodland is a UK-based poet with previous books from Shearsman, Salt, and Parlor Press.

Anastasios Karnazes is an English PhD student at SUNY Albany and has a chapbook forthcoming with The Song Cave.

Christine Kwon lives in New Orleans. She reads for Tilted House Press. Her poetry and short fiction is forthcoming in blush lit, Hot Pink Mag, The Columbia Review, Bear Creek Gazette, Apocalypse Confidential and X-R-A-Y.

Sofia Majstorovic is a waitress based in Morongo Valley, CA. She wore her graduation gown unzipped with a dress from the fast fashion retailer "Cider" during Columbia University's massively tardy MFA commencement in May 2022. She tweets from the rather unfortunate 2009 handle @dofmau5.

Adam Nayman is an author, critic, and teacher in Toronto. He wrote one New Yorker profile and passed two kidney stones in June of this year.

Ten Observations About Top Gun: Maverick

, Screwjob,

Oldies Night: Monster at 25

Ryan Petersen graduated with an MFA in Fiction Writing from Columbia University. He currently works as a screenwriter in New York City. IG and Twitter: @ryandpetersen.

Will Stanier is a poet and letterpress printer from Athens, Georgia. He currently lives in Tucson, where he is training to be a librarian. He’s the author of a chapbook, Everything Happens Next (Blue Arrangements, 2021). His poems have appeared in Cleaver Magazine, Interim, Pacifica, Lazy Susan, and The Volta.

Parisa Yekalamlari lives in upstate NY. She is the farmer and co-editor of Wyrm, a farm share and literary magazine.

Myles Zavelo lives and writes in London, England. His writing has appeared or is forthcoming in the following publications: The Alaska Quarterly Review, The Harvard Advocate, New York Tyrant Magazine, The Southampton Review, Maudlin House, Queen Mob's Teahouse, Young Mag, Spectra Poets, Blue Arrangements, Forever Magazine, and elsewhere.