Ish Klein
No Star.    All Stars...

Before I killed the aphid, what was it like? On the fruit for tomorrow, the germ. The idea of the eight billion out there. My ring tells you where I am, Mr. Moon.


And the cause of— cause of the surrogate. If I must bring them to their desire, it’s a living I can do anywhere. It’s like blowing up and twisting balloons.


A fool likes to make people happy. If I say fool it’s in quotes. Herman, Herman. Undomestic though doglike stratosphere. Where has that guy gone? Oh, cute.


did I mention we have to move again?/ I mean We have to move again. Ain’t that something?


Wikipedia claims the Grapes of Wrath is an American realist work. Cooperation delivers them. I mean the winepress is something to avoid.


Better to read these things than to live them.


I believe like me you haven’t been born lately. Like a slow mammoth both of us together going over the landscape.


Until we lay down the earth entering Soon, soon...