Chia-Lun Chang
How dare you ask

why English in English. If I were gonna attempt suicide, gun would be my first choice. The American way, quick, painless, elegant, eco-friendly.


I have one style of writing and I worry daily. It proves that I care about certain topics. I prefer to shower short because water that has gone through my body will be dead.


This gloom motion doesn’t belong to rivers nor the sea. It makes all of the above silent.


My art is my blood and all of the water waiting and hidden in your shower room.


I only have one style of writing and I will push it to the limit of your ribs and limbs.


Sweet buoyancy, I eat your sore spread bed sheets from the workplace and explode.


The most profound pride I have is I am willing to die. This pain is capable of soaking my inside water. Next life, I do not want to be born as this type of creature. Both of us don’t believe in reincarnation.