Sawako Nakayasu

Three Poems from Some Girls Walk Into The Country They Are From 



When the tour group arrives at a certain part of the body of Sawako Nakayasu, a debate breaks out. Some girls claim that they have every right to visit every segment of the Sawako Nakayasu Tour, they sprang for the full tour, not the cheaper partial tour, mind you. Some girls claim that only girls with all biological girl parts have the right to visit all parts of the Sawako Nakayasu Tour. Some girls point to a document signed by Sawako Nakayasu granting all self-identifing girls access to all parts of the Sawako Nakayasu Tour. One girl suggests that they ask Sawako what they should do, but Sawako is in the middle of teaching class and part of the tour agreement was that Sawako is not to be disturbed at all, even while hosting four rounds of these tours every day, hence the document.


Business is booming, tours are booked solid for months in advance. The tour participants are in danger of blazing unwanted paths upon the body of Sawako Nakayasu. The inevitable end to each tour comes when one of the girls points a wet fnger into the air and says hold up everybody, how can it be that we’ve all paid so much money for this, that money is being amassed (by whom?) because of our foolish demand for the Sawako Nakayasu Tour. And that is the moment, one of those moments when you can hear the sound of the dreams of a tour group getting shattered, and everyone scrambles to get their shoes back on so that they can tumble out and away fom here, regrouping and setting out once again in search of a better way to put their money where their mouths are, never even pausing to wonder if one of those girls might have been a shill.







The waves roil and froth around the pussies as they swim, free and proud and safe for once. Girl F, young and fit, swims hard and fast through the acrylic, the cotton, the wool, leaving a wake of chauvinist detritus. She can hold her own in a hot dog eating contest. She has guts of steel, abs of steel, buns of steel, pink enamel nails of steel. As she moves through the ocean, the hats catch on her appendages until she becomes a roundish ball of pink. It eventually obstructs her swimming. She rolls over and floats.


Suddenly up above is Girl D in a helicopter. Girl F waves her off. I don’t need to be rescued. I’m just resting. I’m not here to rescue you. I’m going to take your photo for a magazine. You are exploiting me. No I’m not. You’re just jealous you didn’t get to swim. Can I have your permission to print the photo. No. I already took it. You look gorgeous. Why don’t you join me. Then no one will be able to take the photo. Weak excuse.


Just then Girl F transforms into Girl I. Girl I strips of the hats. The ocean grows calm. The hue of her naked body is Asian Lily White. Black hair and pubis in sharp contrast. Girl D takes another photo. Girl I gives permission. Some Girls In An Ocean Of Pink.


Just when we think we’ve arrived at the end of the story, the shadow of a giant figure in an oversized suit arrives and casts itself down over the entire scene. Girl A, Girl B, Girl C, Girl E, Girl G, Girl H, and Girl J arrive and form a circle. Bullets are fired into the knees of the giant figure.


It is terrifing, says Girl A.







This sackniss if Gurl E’s silonce on this prociss if comong ti turms wiss this fuct if beong un who seys samesong os un ongene un this baech wud.


See foils ti cummunicote wiss precisiun this exuct dote see hoops ti miit Gurl K beong un who seys songs as un ongene un this baech wud.


Emaginong hurself ti be dispoisalleyed und ravelleyed bai oll hur murtal onomies thur Furrogamo hiils clackong umonously on hur draems, Gurl E saerches fur weys ti spaek wethout seyling samesong os un ongene un this baech wud.


Practictoid bai a woll if Closs S gurls, un dey see terns in hur ongene, blosts sund on this aise if this Furrogamo gurls und dreves awey onto this hurizin if this oshaen. This neck poir if soes see perchoses ere colled Smoll Parodime Sifs Fur Oll.