Basie Allen is an artist from New York City.

Molly Bendall is the author of five books of poetry, most recently Watchful from Omnidawn. Lately poems have appeared in Bennington Review, Datableed, Volt, and Lana Turner. She teaches at the University of Southern California.

Timothy Donnelly's most recent book is The Problem of the Many. He lives in Brooklyn with his family.

Claire Dougherty is from Stockton, CA. She is a co-founder and co-editor of RECLINER. Currently pursuing an MFA in Poetry at Columbia University.

Zachary Fine is a writer from New Orleans. He would like to thank Nick for encouraging him to write his poultry fiction.

Mitchell Glazier was born in Martinsburg, West Virginia in 1995. His poetry has appeared in Washington Square, Radar, Interim, and elsewhere. He is an MFA candidate in Poetry at Columbia University and a Poetry Editor at American Chordata.

Kate Greene is a poet and essayist who lives in New York City. Her collection of essays ONCE UPON A TIME I LIVED ON MARS will be published by St. Martin’s Press, July 2020.

Jamie Hood is an ex doctoral student, ex hooker, and current insufferable twitter e-girl. She’s busy finishing a book length hybrid manuscript called RAPE GIRL. She lives, writes, dog moms, and bartends in Brooklyn. IG: @mizmimoo. Twitter: @veryhotmomm.

Anastasios Karnazes has poems coming to or at Jubilat, The Iowa Review, The Breakwater Review, Care Zine, and elsewhere.

Tao Lin is the author of Trip (2018), Taipei (2013), and other books. His next novel, Leave Society, is forthcoming from Vintage. His website is at taolin.tumblr.com.

Sofia Majstorovic is a babysitter living in New York City. She believes that the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she attended undergrad, is a superior institution to Columbia, where she is currently an MFA candidate in Nonfiction Writing. She is a co-founder and co-editor of RECLINER. IG: @sofiamajstorovic. Twitter: @dofmau5. Email: sofiamajstorovic@gmail.com.

Adam Nayman is a critic and author based in Toronto; he writes on film for The Ringer and Cinema Scope. His favourite R.E.M. record is New Adventures in Hi-Fi, which is even more uncool than Monster.

Greg Nissan is the author of The City Is Lush With / Obstructed Views (DoubleCross Press). His writing has appeared in BOMB, Boston Review, Conjunctions, Denver Quarterly, and Frieze. He's currently translating Ann Cotten's Banned! An epic poem from the German.

Peter Patapis is a poet from New York.

Ryan Petersen is currently an MFA candidate for Fiction at Columbia University. He lives in New York City. IG: @ryandpetersen.

Nicholas h Politan works as a wine merchant and is a co-founder and co-editor of RECLINER, an electronic journal of text and art. He lives in Brooklyn. What on Earth has he become? IG: @nicholas_politan. Email: politan72@gmail.com.

Corissa St. Einer trades the WTI/Brent spread. She can be reached at cls2252@columbia.edu.

Inez Tan is the author of This Is Where I Won’t Be Alone: Stories (Epigram Books, 2018), which was a national bestseller in Singapore. She teaches creative writing at the University of California, Irvine. IG: @InezTanAuthor. Twitter: @InezTanAuthor.

Catherine Wagner's fifth book of poems, Of Course, is forthcoming from Fence in 2020. Her previous collection, Nervous Device, appeared from City Lights in 2012. Cathy teaches creative writing at Miami University, where she is co-coordinator of the Environmental Humanities Research Collaborative and president of the AAUP Advocacy Chapter, which advocates for academic workers. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Betty Wang is a writer and designer currently pursuing an MFA at Yale University. She is interested in ethics, race, technology, and power. Twitter: @bettywang.